4Wireless Enhanced


The next generation of managed WiFi is here - and it's going in-room

With 4Wireless Enhanced we deploy the latest, specialist in-room access points in every single tenant room, replacing shared access points in-corridors. When centrally managed and deployed in a network designed in accordance with ASK4’s in-room design standard, this delivers multiple benefits for operators and tenants:

When delivered as part of ASK4’s fully managed service, 4Wireless Enhanced means tenants can enjoy enhanced wireless connectivity within their private dwellings, as well as the ability to roam and stay connected to the ASK4 service throughout the building. An in-room service is suitable for both purpose built student accommodation and build-to-rent developments.

Following rigorous trials and testing by our award-winning technical team, we are delighted to be delivering the next generation of wireless infrastructure for multi-tenant buildings. As WiFi standards and user device capabilities continue to develop at pace, an in-room service from ASK4 is the simplest way to future proof buildings whose residents depend on site-wide, high capacity, reliable connectivity.
— Jonathan Burrows, Founder and CEO, ASK4

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