A Managed service

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Why Your building needs a managed service

Allowing individuals to install their own broadband and WiFi equipment in a multi-tenant building, as they would in a traditional home environment, may sound like a viable option. However, this is not a sustainable solution.

As the building reaches capacity and the radio environment becomes congested, tenants’ WiFi connections will become unreliable, weaken and eventually stop working.

In a multi-tenant environment, only a managed Internet service will do.

Only with a managed service, designed specifically for each building, can you provide tenants with reliable, high-capacity broadband and WiFi (including WiFi coverage in public and shared areas) and allow for the secure running of key building infrastructure like CCTV, access control, intercom and power metering.


Introducing 4network


Here's how WiFi Works in your home

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Here's how WiFi works in multi-tenant buildings

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