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In a multi-tenant environment, only a managed service will do

A fully managed Internet service is a wired and wireless service that has been designed specifically for your building. The service is managed end-to-end, from design to install and delivery, with 24/7/365 multilingual technical support for end users. With a fully managed service we do much more than simply connect a fibre circuit to your building and distribute wireless routers - just take a look at the benefits below.

smart device Connectivity

Today’s tenants need and expect access to wireless networks that enable their smart devices to communicate over WiFi in a private and secure way - just like they do in a traditional home setting.  There are currently three solutions to this need within multi-tenant buildings - be that purpose built student accommodation or build to rent developments (as shown below).

But only ASK4 provide an award-winning solution as part of a fully managed service.

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Smart device
connectivity solutions:
1. Give each tenant /
dwelling their own router
2. Give each tenant /
dwelling their own SSID
3. Activate
  This type of wireless deployment would only be delivered through an unmanaged or partially managed service and will result in users experiencing poor service performance (e.g. slow speeds, connection drops) for fundamental technical reasons. In this scenario, users’ private networks would also be limited to the reach of their own router. They would not be available in shared amenity spaces. An SSID (service set identifier) is used to uniquely identify a wireless network. It is possible to broadcast multiple SSIDs within a building, with each network being limited to specific users. However, broadcasting just 10 SSIDs can consume over 30% of available network capacity. This rises to 97% of available capacity where three access points overlap in a radio channel. In this scenario, the network will fail to function for fundamental technical reasons and essentially becomes an ‘unmanaged’ service. The correct solution within a multi-tenant building is to broadcast one SSID (or a limited number) and to use Layer-2 isolation to isolate devices, ensuring they are secure and tenants’ privacy is protected. Then provide tenants with access to ASK4’s award-winning 4Network feature. 4Network has been developed by our technical team over a number of years to provide users of a shared wireless network with their own private and secure networks via shared infrastructure without compromising the performance of the building- wide service.
Type of service Unmanaged Partially Managed Fully Managed
Fully managed WiFi implementation
Limited SSIDs
In-dwelling secure support for smart and IoT devices
Site-wide secure support for smart and IoT devices
Seamless WiFi connectivity throughout the building
Network performance rating Poor Poor Good
Predicted user
satisfaction rating
Poor Poor Good

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