A Managed service

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In a multi-tenant environment, only a managed service will do

A fully managed Internet service is a wired and wireless service that has been designed specifically for your building. The service is managed end-to-end, from design to install and delivery, with 24/7/365 multilingual technical support for end users. With a fully managed service we do much more than simply connect a fibre circuit to your building and distribute wireless routers - just take a look at the benefits below.

smart device Connectivity

Today’s tenants need and expect access to wireless networks that enable their smart devices to communicate over WiFi in a private and secure way - just like they do in a traditional home setting.  ASK4’s award-winning 4Network features enables us to provide the best possible connectivity platform for building operators and tenants, delivering a fast, fully managed, reliable broadband and WiFi service for a whole building, plus private and secure personal wireless networks for individual residents.

Without 4Network

With 4Network


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