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ASK4 is commitment to delivering industry leading broadband to purpose built student accommodation in Europe.

We currently operate in the UK, Ireland, SpainGermany and Poland, providing services to over 150,000 users across 400+ sites. We will also soon be live in Portugal and Denmark, with further countries in development stages.

If your country is not listed above and you would like to talk to us about ASK4 coming to your region, please get in touch.

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Jon Thornhill
+44 (0)114 303 3205

We need to offer super-fast internet connectivity everywhere in our properties so students can hang out and watch movies on demand, or stream music without any problems. To achieve this, a fast and reliable internet connection is not a fancy add-on, it is a compelling necessity.
— Marco Lotichius, Head of Marketing and Brand Management, StayToo / MPC Capital
At Galdós we have gone from an unmanaged, ramshackle system, to a fully managed service that has built in redundancy and, therefore, reliability.
— Christopher Holloway, Director General for Spain, The Student Housing Company