Connected Living Part 1: Frustrated. Isolated. Angry

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In this blog series we look at the results of research ASK4 commissioned earlier in 2017 to explore the connected living habits of 14-16 year old European teens.

We will be sharing the five standout characteristics of the group who will be moving into the student accommodation buildings and build-to-rent developments already in planning for 2020.

Part One: Frustrated. Isolated. Angry

The most notable characteristic of our surveyed teens is the strength of emotion they would express following any loss of connectivity, or the use of connectivity that did not allow them to connect their devices together.

Over half of European teens said they would feel ‘frustrated’, ‘isolated’ and ‘angry’ if they were not able to communicate online or connect their devices together as they would at home. One in five said they would feel ‘insecure’ and ‘anxious’.

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UK teens reported the strongest feelings overall, with one in three saying they would feel ‘anxious’. Spanish teens were significantly more likely to feel ‘angry’ compared with their UK and German counterparts.

This strength of feeling is most likely related to the amount of time European teens spend using the Internet.

If they have access to wireless-connected devices, they use them…a lot.

Nearly all surveyed teens said they use smartphones, and almost three quarters use computing devices and watch Smart TVs, on a daily basis. In addition, half use their wireless video adapters (Chromecast, Now TV), smart entertainment systems (e.g. Sonos, Amazon Echo), home control systems (e.g. device controlled lighting) and wearable technology (e.g. FitBit, Apple Watch) every day.

For the students and tenants of 2020, use of the Internet is more than deeply embedded in their lifestyles. Use of the Internet is the foundation upon which their lifestyles are built, and accommodation providers will need to ensure their connectivity infrastructure is able to deliver on tenants expectations and usage demands, including seamless device-to-device connectivity.


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All statistics are taken from ASK4’s Connected Living survey conducted by Red Brick Research in the Spring of 2017 (unless otherwise stated). The survey was completed by 3,067 14-16 year olds across all regions of the UK, Germany and Spain.

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