True Student get creative with shipping containers

This September students in Glasgow will be calling shipping containers home in an innovative new student accommodation development from True Student.

The 592 room construction will reach seven stories and is being created using pre-manufactured, bespoke steel containers sourced from China International Marine Containers (CIMC).

CIMC currently makes about half the world’s shipping containers but the company is also on the cusp of a boom in precision modular construction for hotels, student accommodation and other similar developments.

Arriving by ship in Southampton, the containers come completely pre-fabricated and ready to stack, as Marc Carter, Managing Director of True Student, commented:

“The bed is in, the flooring is in, the curtains are in, the desk is in, the lights are in, even the desk chair and the waste-paper bin. Everything is included. When the modules arrive we fit a mattress made in the UK and we fit a TV, because that’s too fragile to ship.”

This type of construction offers significant advantages when it comes to managing quality, with each container fitted to the same exacting standards in a factory setting, with checks and measures much like you would expect for cars coming off a production line. As Marc Carter noted:

“We know we will have absolute consistency in terms of the finished product, with 592 rooms each of the same high standard we require.”

The Glasgow West End development will be managed by Host Students, and includes a wealth of social spaces, a gym, cinema, library area, coffee bar and superfast broadband from ASK4 as standard.

True Student are currently working on two further developments using modular construction in Glasgow and Birmingham.

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