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This Autumn ASK4 will be revealing the results of new research exploring the connected living habits, attitudes and expectations of today’s European teenagers at two Unmissable student accommodation events.

Commissioned by ASK4 and conducted by Red Brick Research, the research surveys 3,000 teenagers in the UK, Germany and Spain (1,000 in each country) and provides a fascinating insight into the future connectivity demands of the students of 2020.

While 16-18 year olds have been widely researched, the 14-16 year old segment of the post-millennial cohort is still largely under researched - and yet this group are the future residents of the student accommodation buildings already in planning for 2020 and beyond.

What will their connectivity demands and expectations be? Which devices are they using and how often? Will they expect “smart infrastructure”? How do their concerns about privacy impact their behaviour online?

These questions, and many others, will be explored by a panel of experts at The Class Conference in Lisbon (15-16 November) and Property Week’s Student Accommodation Conference in Birmingham (7 December). Each session will be hosted by ASK4 founder and CEO Jonathan Burrows, with panelists including Tim Daplyn (Red Brick), Chris Holloway (Nexo Residencias), Stewart Moore (CRM), Caroline Young (QUB) and Brian Welsh (Threesixty).

Come and find out if you are ready for the connectivity demands of the students of 2020.

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