Collaboration of the Year Finalists


We are delighted to announce that ASK4 and The Stay Club have been shortlisted for Collaboration of the Year at the Student Accommodation Awards 2018.

The award recognises collaborations between private sector organisations and student accommodation providers. The collaboration must demonstrate creativity and vision in aligning interests and tangible positive outcomes that significantly improve student life.

The ASK4 collaboration with The Stay Club began in early 2018.

Having successfully launched an innovative student accommodation brand with a 120-bed site in Willesden, The Stay Club rapidly expanded, adding developments in Camden (260-beds), Colindale and (soon to be) Kentish Town (820-beds). The developments house a unique mix of co-living and co-working spaces for students and professionals, alongside educational facilities for A-level and international students. In short, the buildings are in constant and varied use from diverse communities throughout the year.

Prior to the collaboration with ASK4, The Stay Club partnered with 4 different Internet Service Providers. However, to maintain a market leading position, they recognised the need to upgrade their connectivity offering across their portfolio to ensure consistency and reliability. It is easy to pay lip service to the fact that students and young professionals demand and require constant access to high quality connectivity throughout their accommodation. However, delivering a robust service able to withstand the demands of these user groups and support the running of The Stay Club’s living, working and educational facilities, required collaborating with a specialist ISP like ASK4.

Having worked closely with The Stay Club to understand the brand’s values and operational requirements, ASK4 overhauled the network architecture and replaced the incumbent suppliers at Camden and Willesden in July and September 2018 respectively. Kentish Town will open with an ASK4 service in January 2019.

This change has dramatically improved The Stay Club experience for students and staff alike in numerous ways, including:

  • the installation of smaller, upgraded equipment, consuming less power and producing less heat

  • significantly improved consistent and reliable connectivity throughout the buildings

  • an easy and intuitive sign up process for residents and guests

  • access to 4Network (winner of Innovation of the Year at the Student Accommodation Awards 2017) for personal, secure smart device connectivity over the building-wide shared network

  • dramatic reduction in complaints about the Internet service (down to zero)

  • ability to create fast staff VPNs meaning staff can work within a secure network from wherever they may be

  • ability to develop and deploy The Stay Club app, parcel tracking system and other tools through the secure network – something The Stay Club could not do without ASK4

Speaking of the partnership, Residence Manager at Willesden, Simona Ciobanu, commented,

"After years of struggle, lags and slow connection speeds with our previous Internet providers, we are finally enjoying our new collaboration with ASK4, a provider who delivers on speed and accessibility without any drop outs. The installation was smooth, and the connection is reliable throughout our properties - an essential for our business."

Speaking of the upgrade to the Internet service, a Camden resident, Kiran Karim commented:

“The Stay Club have just recently redone the WiFi for the building after previous complaints about it lagging too much. The WIFI is now working efficiently and better than ever, showing The Stay Club really do listen to their residents and value their opinion. Most importantly they will continue to make improvements to ensure all guests have the best possible experience.”

Another resident, Rhianna James, added:

“In the beginning of my tenancy in 2016 the internet was acceptable but after the building became busier the internet was getting slower and slower. My new friends also had similar issues, or their routers stopped working at times, this made the experience frustrating. When I arrived in September 2018 after my first slice of pizza I’ve noticed that there was a new internet connection called “ASK4”, I’ve made my new account which was pretty straight forward and immediately noticed a massive boost in speed and connection reliability, I’ve been using this every day since my move in and cannot find any faults with this. This makes a big difference to me as a student that depends on a stable internet connection on a daily basis.”

The Stay Club - ASK4 collaboration is an excellent example of a sustainable and scalable partnership that demonstrates the importance of delivering more than ‘just an Internet connection’ in today’s multi-faceted, multi-use purpose built student accommodation buildings.

ASK4 Limited