ASK4 partners with experts in smart energy


The procurement of utilities for multi-tenant buildings can be a complex and time consuming process. Add to this the need for ongoing management and an ever increasing need for improving energy efficiencies through smart systems, and it becomes clear that an expert solution is required.

amber energy® has extensive experience (and multiple awards) working in the property sector, helping both developers and operators get the most out of their energy through their complete suite of management services. That includes procurement and risk management, energy efficiency and engineering, energy engagement projects and water management.

amber look at the whole market to find the suppliers best suited to the needs of each development, and then carefully monitor the market in order to achieve the lowest cost on the wholesale price of energy. amber’s services provide the full scope of energy requirements from bill validation through to energy efficiency measures, and even tackle excess energy use at the source through engagement projects.

At ASK4 connected buildings, amber’s data-led, smart solutions are underpinned by ASK4’s Open Service Network - a platform that allows for the easy integration of services that rely on Internet connectivity. Whether that be door access control, or a smart metering system enabling building operators to manage and encourage efficiencies, ASK4’s Open Service Network allows for the secure running of third-party services delivered by experts in their field.

Speaking of ASK4’s service, amber founder and CEO, Nick Proctor, commented:

“Smart energy management is about making use of robust data. It is therefore essential that a building is set-up on a robust platform with secure and well maintained data access points. Partnering with ASK4 allows us to develop secure networks with a partner we can really trust. Data is king and it needs to be looked after – amber energy has partnered with ASK4 for many years and has always found them to be innovative, robust and diligent in their approach.”

Speaking of amber’s work within the purpose built student accommodation and build-to-rent sectors, ASK4 founder and CEO, Jonathan Burrows, added:

“We have worked with amber energy on numerous projects and have always found them to be highly professional, expert partners. Indeed, we share the same ethos - each being committed to delivering solutions that match the unique requirements of individual buildings and their residents. With amber you know you have a partner who can deliver on procurement, management and smart solutions for driving energy efficiency.”

To find out more about amber energy and their solutions for multi-tenant buildings, visit their website here.