Proudly supporting Student Minds

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As 2018 draws to a close, ASK4 is delighted to announce a new partnership with Student Minds in support of their Student Community Organising Training programme.

The programme will train student leaders across the UK to run mental health societies at their university, and deliver a range of events and initiatives to help improve student wellbeing.

The training will equip students with lived experience of mental health difficulties with the skills they need to create real change on their university campuses and in their wider communities. They will learn how to map out the key relationships required to create change, how to deliver activities that improve student communities and tackle isolation on campus, and how to influence their universities to create mental health strategies.

The funding from ASK4 will enable Student Minds’ Head of Engagement, Ollie Kasper, to provide training and a 9 month coaching programme for 15 student leaders over the next 12 months.

Speaking of the programme and ASK4’s support, Ollie Kasper said:

“This funding has enabled student leaders from around the UK to benefit from a well-rounded student mental health activist development programme. Not only have they received training on the key essentials of campaigning but also ongoing coaching to empower our leaders to implement and test our LEAD campaigning principles. This will result in high-quality listening in term one all the way through to actions and activities that will create positive change for students.”

Speaking of the partnership, ASK4 Founder and CEO, Jonathan Burrows, added:

“Following our research into the impact of technology on student loneliness, it became clear that technology offers huge potential to combat loneliness amongst students. However, it is also clear that innovative, in-person support is essential for equipping today’s students to look after their own mental health, and that of their peers, during their time at university. That is why we are delighted to support Student Mind’s Student Community Organising Training programme. The programme will have a tangible, practical impact on both those who receive the training and the people the trainees are subsequently able to reach and influence. We wish the team every success and look forward to hearing about the positive outcomes.”

You can download ASK4’s Well Connected report discussing the impact of technology on student loneliness here.

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