Students' talk tech and loneliness

Following the release of ASK4’s Well Connected report on the impact of technology on student loneliness, we spoke to students themselves about their views on loneliness at university, and if they think technology is useful tool or part of the problem.

Q1: What do you think are some of the causes of loneliness amongst students?

Q2: Have you found technology useful for combatting loneliness? Some mixed opinions…

Q3: What advice would you give to a friend or first year struggling with loneliness?

Connected Living Series

You can read and download the full Well Connected report, and other research reports in our Connected Living series, here.


These interviews were conducted for ASK4 by our research partner Red Brick Research.

Respondents were recruited via the YouthCloud™ panel. YouthCloud™ is Red Brick’s full-service panel of over 85,000 UK and International students, applicants and alumni. The panel includes students from a range of locations, subjects and institutions. The YouthCloud™ panel is exclusively available through Red Brick Research, ensuring the highest levels of quality control and panel retention.

You can download the full panel book for a complete audience breakdown here.