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The Class of 2020 News Release - 16 February 2018

Over the few last years, purpose-built student accommodation has been getting an increasing amount of attention from sectors such as real estate, education and governments. PBSA has reached the status of proven economic and political assets, constantly upgrading their community living models. 

One increasing tendency for PBSA is the raising of standards for the integration of technology. Today already, many residencies are fully equipped with tech-savvy models. Digital locking, smart rental payment and - of course - improved WiFi speed and connection to accommodate the increasing simultaneous usage of devices, all augment convenience and improve the residential experience. Technology is also embedded in the buildings themselves, with a rise in 3D printed constructions, smart heating systems and water-storing roofs, to name of few.

Yet, with a rise of new technologies, ways to encourage personal interaction need to be rethought and improved. As numerous studies show, the increase use of the internet by students and, notably, the pressures of social media, can lead to increasing feelings of isolation and depression and decreasing personal interaction. As a matter of fact, we need to rethink how student residencies can encourage human relations. Therefore, paradoxically, how can new technologies help drive students away from their phones and out of their dorms?

Through The Class of 2020's UK Regional Session on March 8th, forward-thinking approaches to the topic of technology and student living will be approached giving fresh new perspectives to build a better future for the students of tomorrow. Our panelists Rokia Raslan (Vice Dean of Enterprise & Senior Lecturer at UCL), Stewart Moore (Commercial Director at CRM Students), Aaron Maskrey (Head of Research & Intelligence at GSA Group), Luke Nolan (Founder and CEO of and Jonathan Burrows (Founder and CEO at ASK4) will pose questions and answers.

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The Class of 2020 is a leading Think Tank for the future of living, working and learning. The Class is shaping the knowledge ecosystem where cities, universities and the real estate community cooperate to make student living efficient, international, and welcoming. Our vision is for cities to attract and retain the brightest young minds, and for them to lead the way to social and economic success in return. The Class of 2020 provides cutting edge research to develop individual solutions for the ever-changing, modern urban landscape. Our in-depth regional sessions, educational workshops, and annual Conference provide our growing network with a stage to identify the current needs and shape the student living of tomorrow.

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