From student accommodation to co-living

Image credit: WeLive

Image credit: WeLive

The purpose built student accommodation sector has been steadily raising its game in recent years.

The quality of PBSA in the UK is now higher than ever, and today's students are becoming accustomed to higher standards of living, both in rooms and shared amenity spaces. As a recent JLL report on co-living outlines, after graduation these students will be "looking for the same high quality accommodation to provide them with flexibility as well as consistency – regardless of location."

For this generation, co-living is the natural progression from PBSA.

A purpose built shared living (PBSL) scheme consists of any development of 50 units or more that does not have an agreement with a university. These schemes are open to students and non students alike, offering all inclusive packages, a variety of tenancy lengths and a living environment able to support diverse working patterns and foster communities. Some co-living schemes also include smart infrastructure as part of the furniture, like WeLive in New York and Washington, providing tenants with HDTVs, in-ceiling wireless speakers and sensor-regulated environmental controls.

Naturally, access to high speed Internet connectivity is a key component for co-living in order to "underpin the ever-growing reliance on smart devices across all aspects of life". Indeed, as research demonstrates, as each generation becomes more accustomed to and familiar with the use of smart devices and home infrastructure, the demand for an 'always on' robust and secure wired and wireless Internet service within PBSL will only increase.

ASK4's award winning 4Network feature was developed in direct response to the influx of WiFi connected devices, entertainment systems and infrastructure now available to tenants and accommodation operators. It is the perfect solution to personal connectivity within co-living buildings.

If you have a PBSL scheme in planning or development please get in touch. We would love to talk to you about it.


Quotes taken from the JLL report Co-living - the graduation from student housing. The full report exploring the key factors driving demand for the PBSL sector and the key component for co-living can be found here.