A student’s guide to the Internet


Guest blog from Stay Campus London

As course material is increasingly digitised, and an Internet connection is almost as easy to find as an umbrella in London, a student’s life has the tendency to evolve around their phone, tablet or laptop.

Given the vast array of resources out there, it's good to know what's worth the clicks. So here's a helping hand... 

1) Coursera

An obvious choice, Coursera has evolved to something of a high-end educational boutique. Teaming up with great institutions and educational entities, it has a wide array of options - anything from mobile learning to obtaining an actual degree.

2) Alison

Alison has managed to gather a community of over 12 million users, with the added plus of offering an amazing selection of certifications, for the students that aspire to multitask during their studies.

3) Udacity

This one promotes a commitment to self-empowerment and the democratisation of knowledge. It began as an experiment between Stanford instructors who published one of their courses. The attention the course drew made the demand for accessible education evident, and Udacity was born.

4) TEDEd

You are probably familiar with the TEDx events, whether you have participated in one or simply come across their inspirational speeches on YouTube. Evidently, TEDEd is a spinoff educational platform, with a user-friendly interface that lists lessons – currently boasting a library of over 300,000!

5) UReddit

Reddit is comparatively more popular, and yet the University of Reddit is perhaps more worthy of your time. From programming to general learning, it has anything that may be of interest to you.

6) ScienceDirect

Probably one of the websites that attracts the most students and academics alike - for hours on end. The perfect place to roam through PDFs while looking for that perfect piece of academic writing that will inspire you to finish the essay that has been lying on your desk for the past month.


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