The role of the Internet in a student’s life

The Stay Club, Camden

The Stay Club, Camden

Guest blog from The Stay Club

As student life progresses, we are all made increasingly aware of the strong bond that is built between us, as students, and our devices. More specifically, those that allow us to access the Internet.

To break down this complicated but beautiful relationship, here is the reality of the role of the Internet in a student’s life:

1) Those frantic Skype, Viber or WhatsApp calls with our friends are somewhat of a daily ritual. Venting, catching up, saying how much you have missed the people that are no longer in geographical proximity is something of a must, and in many cases only possible with the power of the Internet!

2) Wikipedia has become a sacred ritual! Whether your research revolves around the most basic of subjects, or it requires a complex analysis of phenomena or theories you have never heard of before, Wikipedia is your go-to starting point. You get the bigger picture, and roam through the references as a guide to where to unearth more academic insight.

3) The Uni App - yes that’s a thing! Most Unis have their own app to help you navigate Fresher’s Week and everything else that may be required. From setting up your academic email account to discovering all sorts of features or services you were unaware of, your Uni’s app is essential to say the least.

4) ScienceDirect, otherwise known as the gift that keeps on giving. Whatever your field, whatever your interests, there is something for your essay’s referencing in there. In most cases, there is ALL of your essay referencing in there!

5) YouTube. And no, that does not mean that’s where you find the music to accompany your studying (although there is that as well). YouTube can be a wonderful tool to help you grasp the basics of a course. With anything from political theories explained in the most comprehensible way, to Ted talks that get you to argue the point you wanted to in that essay due for tomorrow, YouTube is one useful place to look.

6) Wunderlist is one to note down, if you haven’t already. With an endless list of assignments, seminars, lectures and emails to tackle, we suggest you enlist as much help as possible. Wunderlist is the ideal to-do app when you want to get your affairs in order.

7) RefMe. Referencing is quite a pain, and depending on the length of your project can consume valuable time. That’s why RefMe is one app for every student’s phone. That feeling that you get when scanning the book’s barcode and seeing the reference in whatever format you wish is unbeatable!


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