New Research: Building for Tomorrow, Today

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The latest report in our Connected Living series looks at how we can create purpose built student accommodation, that is not only sustainable, but profitable too.

At this year’s Class of 2020 Class Conference, ASK4 will be launching our new research report entitled Building for Tomorrow, Today. Carried out in conjunction with amber energy and Red Brick Research, the report looks at changing student purchasing habits with regards to sustainability, and how Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) operators can meet expectations while remaining profitable.

Opinions and Evidence

In May this year, a number of developers, investors and operators from the PBSA sector were brought together at a round table event, hosted by Red Brick Research, in order to understand the unique issues they faced with regards to sustainability. The opinions and viewpoints expressed at the event have been collated along with extensive research in order to form the key considerations presented in this report.

Informing The PBSA Sector

What is clear from the evidence and data gathered in the report is that there is a desire for PBSA owners and operators to be sustainable, but a lack of understanding, and the perception that a sustainable building costs more to build has long been holding the sector back. 

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With Generation Z’s increased awareness of environmental issues affecting their purchasing habits, and strong evidence that “green” buildings actually yield cost savings over a short amount of time, the most important question now is: “What is the cost of continuing as we are”?

Download the report

Building for Tomorrow, Today will be launched at this year’s Class of 2020 Conference on November 7th, and in the interest of sustainability, ASK4 will only have a limited number of printed copies available for attendees, which have been printed using a CO2 neutral printer on FSC accredited paper. We will also have a digital copy of the report available for download for those not in attendance. 

You can register for a digital copy of the report, which will be emailed to you on November 7th, using the link below.

> download the building for Tomorrow, Today report

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