New Research: Data and the Student Experience

data and the student

A new report released by ASK4 shows the wealth of possibilities for how student accommodation providers can use student data to enhance the service they deliver. 

The third study in the Connected Living series, carried out in conjunction with Red Brick, shows how data could be used for a range of different purposes within the context of student accommodation and explores the attitudes of students studying in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Germany towards data privacy.

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Looking at opportunities for data usage in areas such as safety and security, student well-being and accommodation allocation, the report urges providers to put transparency at the heart of their data strategy, as this is what matters most to the students surveyed…

67% of the students surveyed said they were more likely to share their data with organisations if there was transparency about how their data was collected and used. 58% would be happy to share if the purpose is to protect their safety and security, with 49% willing to share if it would be beneficial to their well-being. 

Different Markets, Different Opportunities

The report also demonstrates that there are clear differences in the way students studying in the UK, Spain, Germany and Ireland feel about data sharing in general, and with their accommodation providers specifically. 67% of students in the UK would trust providers with their data, compared with 43% in Ireland, 26% in Germany and 21% in Spain. These nuances are likely to create different opportunities and challenges when working in each market.  

Being Responsible

Accommodation providers are reminded throughout the report that any use of student data must meet the standards set out under the GDPR, and that it is worth viewing the regulations in a positive way. It also steers providers away from uses of data that could be perceived as being invasive, inappropriate or uncomfortable for students. 

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Providers should not be afraid to implement data-based services and systems that can truly enhance the resident experience, provided that they get expert advice and give students full visibility of what they are doing and why. 

Jonathan Burrows, founder and CEO of ASK4 said:  

“Students themselves recognise the value that sharing data can bring and are clearly in support of the use of their data in a range of scenarios, provided that privacy issues are handled transparently, fairly and appropriately. 

GDPR has brought data protection into the spotlight but this report shows that whilst there are various regulatory challenges, student accommodation providers should not be afraid to engage with their residents to enhance the student experience and support the legitimate aims of their businesses.”

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Data and the Student Experience is the third report in the Connected Living series.

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