Students Have Their Say On Data Privacy

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Student accommodation providers are taking advantage of the growing number of ways in which data can be collected and used, but what do students think about it?

With the increasing interaction young people have with technology, the more awareness they have about their data, how it is processed and how it is then used by companies. This may act as a deterrent for organisations who work closely with young people, however new research commissioned by ASK4 shows that companies, particularly student accommodation providers, need not be so hesitant to work with data.

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The Data and the Student Experience Report found that student accommodation providers are ranked among the types of organisations students are most likely to trust with their data (especially in the UK). ASK4’s research shows that three-quarters of the students surveyed are open to sharing personal and location data with their accommodation provider, and as many as one in six will volunteer any data they are asked for. There are caveats however…


Transparency is an important factor for providers looking to use their students’ data, as 67% of respondents to the ASK4 survey stated that “greater transparency about how [their] data is collected and used” would make them more comfortable with sharing it. There are also concerns surrounding privacy and security, but provided these are addressed in an open and honest manner, students will be much more likely to want to give up their data. 58% are happy to share if the purpose is to protect their safety and security with 49% willing to share if it will be beneficial to their well-being. 

Different Markets

It is important to note that there are clear differences in the way students studying in the UK, Spain, Germany and Ireland feel about data sharing in general and with their accommodation providers specifically. 67% of students in the UK will trust providers with their data, 43% in Ireland, 26% in Germany and 21% in Spain. Accommodation operators should be aware of the potential for varied opportunities and challenges across these markets.

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Data and the Student Experience is the third report in the Connected Living series.

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