Introducing The ASK4 Diagnostics App

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ASK4 are pleased to launch our brand new Diagnostics App for the new academic year.

At ASK4, we work extremely hard to minimise the number of problems that users encounter when using our services, but we also recognise that there are times when users will need support. This support is an absolutely vital part of our service, and we are extremely proud of the speed and accuracy of which we are able to remedy any issues that do arise.

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We operate a 24/7/365 technical Support Helpdesk that is physically staffed around the clock at our Sheffield HQ, and we have put significant effort into ensuring that our support is the very best in the industry. When users contact our Support Helpdesk, quite often we need them to run tests from their device to help us identify if there are any problems. In the past, this has involved users visiting different websites, running the tests, then reporting back to us. From the start of this academic year, ASK4 customers will be able to download the ASK4 Diagnostics App to help us gather diagnostics quickly, easily and at the tap of a button. 

How It Works

When a user contacts support, we will talk them through the process of installing the ASK4 Diagnostics App. Once the app has been downloaded, the user will tap to run the tests (which take around 2 minutes to complete) and then receive a unique code. This code is then passed on to our support team, who are then able to identify exactly where the issues are occurring. Nothing will change in terms of how users access support, we’re just making the process quicker and easier.

We are delighted to be able to make our service even more streamlined and improve upon our award winning support function.

Full instructions for users on installing and operating the ASK4 Diagnostics App can be found here.

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