ASK4 Welcomes Frances Stone

We are delighted to say that Frances Stone, recently retired from her role as Director of Residential and Commercial Services at the University of Leicester, has joined the ASK4 team as a consultant in our partnerships with universities. The breadth and depth of Frances’ experience in the Higher Education sector could not be bettered. Having worked with Frances as a client for several years, we were able to develop the type of first class service that Leicester University students demand. Furthermore, as a hugely successful ex Chair of CUBO, Frances offers significant nationwide expertise.

“With Frances on board I hope that we can better understand the requirement of universities and start to deliver more of the service for which we are so well reputed in the private sector.” Oliver Riddle, ASK4 Sales Director

A Good Match

Having recently attended The Class of 2020 Conference with the ASK4 team in Amsterdam, Frances shared why she was looking forward to working together in the future.

What interested you about working with ASK4?

“At the University of Leicester I found ASK4 to be a totally customer-focused company with the skills, energy and commitment to provide a superb service. The transition from one provider to another has the potential to be a nightmare for host institutions and ASK4 took care of a trouble-free changeover. Impressive! So when the opportunity arose to work with ASK4 further, knowing that we share the same customer-focused values made it seem a perfect fit.”

What will you be offering ASK4?

“My extensive knowledge of the university sector! Universities face many challenges as they strive to maintain their own position in the market and keep pace with technological changes. There are also many parties who are interested in universities, sometimes resulting in conflict about the best way to provide a service. ASK4 will need to advise and support universities in these challenges, but knowing the team as I do and their pride in their service, I know they are committed to the challenge.

It seems to me like ASK4 are a bit of a ‘best-kept secret’ amongst private providers and a number of forward-thinking universities. I will be sharing my experiences with universities that don’t currently partner with ASK4 to demonstrate what they can do for world class institutions and their discerning students.”

How has the university accommodation sector developed during your career?

“Unrecognisably! The commercial imperative has changed everything. The sector is so customer driven now. Sitting within a global marketplace, no one has time for leisurely afternoon tea in the beautiful gardens of their halls of residences. Oh, happy days.”

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Jess Culbert