Generation Rent

In a few days time ASK4 will be exhibiting at the PRS Forum in London. Organised by Movers & Shakers and London First, the sold out event will bring together private and public sector leaders and key stakeholders to debate and exchange ideas. The theme for this year is the emerging build to rent sector, with industry experts exploring models for development and investment, and discussing if the build to rent mass market has really started to form.

The use of technology to deliver better services, improve tenant lifestyles and bring greater efficiencies for building operators will also be explored. As a specialist ISP in the private rented sector, ASK4 are set to play a significant part in the long term success of build to rent developments, with exclusive new industry leading products soon to be announced.

A Wealth of Opportunity

Many are hailing 2016 as the year of build-to-rent, with home ownership in decline and the private rented sector experiencing rapid growth across the UK.

Speaking of the potential for build to rent, Dominic Martin, operations and strategy director at Westrock, comments:

"While different investors and operators are approaching things in their own distinctive ways, one thing we all agree on is the need to offer a professional service to differentiate build-to-rent from the current private rented sector. It isn’t only those in London who want a better deal from renting."

We look forward to being part of the debate and providing the best connectivity solutions for generation rent.

Jess Culbert