Internet Service Provision In The Private Rented Sector

We have spoken previously about tenants' expectations for broadband provision in the Private Rented Sector. It is an absolute essential for a user group who spend almost 9 hours a day using media devices, many of which are internet and WiFi enabled. However, in an increasingly professionalised sector offering purpose built, fully managed, multi-tenant accommodation, the challenge is typically not the provision of super fast broadband but the quality of the service provided.

Award Winning Customer Service

Assuming that tenants are able to move in and connect quickly, add as many devices as they choose and grant secure access to guests (as with the ASK4 PRS specific user portal) the next step is providing effective service support.

Unlike many internet service providers who outsource aspects of their support function, or use automated call forwarding systems out-of-hours, ASK4 operates a 24/7/365 technical Support Helpdesk. The Helpdesk is physically staffed around the clock at our Sheffield HQ, connecting users to highly trained agents able to get to work on resolving the issue. We put significant effort into ensuring our support is the very best in the industry and regard this as the single most important aspect of our business. Our support team can be contacted by telephone, SMS text message, email or live chat.

Positive customer service experiences will be the differentiating factor between one PRS development and another.

To demonstrate the effort we put into delivering the highest quality customer service, since September 2014 our Support Helpdesk has taken over 22,000 phone calls. 99.14% of these calls were answered within 60 seconds. ASK4 were also recently awarded with Best Consumer Customer Service at the Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) awards. Celebrating the best of the UK internet sector, the ISPAs are the longest running, most respected awards in the internet industry.

In an increasingly competitive sector, positive customer service experiences for tenants across all managed services will be the differentiating factor between one PRS development and another.

Jess Culbert