Pervasive High Capacity WiFi for PRS

It could be argued that super-fast broadband is now the most important utility for private rental tenants. Turn off their water supply for a day and they will buy bottled water from the shop around the corner without too much demur. Turn off their internet connection and their world will grind to a halt. The majority of Private Rented Sector (PRS) tenants typically fall into the 24 – 35 year age group and ABC1 demographic category. This means internet use is deeply embedded in their lifestyle from the moment they wake up to last thing at night. These tenants expect an always-on, fast and easy to use service throughout the building.

WiFi Everywhere

The ability to connect to WiFi capable of supporting even the most demanding of applications from any part of the building is essential. It can no longer be seen as an added luxury. It is a simple expectation for tenants who require a connection wherever they are, be that in their apartment, on the terrace or in communal spaces.

These demands on WiFi connectivity are only set to increase and so the technology must keep pace. In a market where tenants own multiple WiFi enabled devices, including laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and smart phones, engaging with a specialist provider for the successful delivery of pervasive WiFi will positively colour their whole tenancy experience.

ASK4 work continually with our partners to ensure we are evaluating the latest technology, such as 802.11ac WiFi, and selecting the best technology for each customer's requirements.

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Jess Culbert