Tech Up North

In a recent report, global strategic advisory brand GP Bullhound have explored the booming technology sector in the North of the UK.

Northern Tech Revealed

From the "birthplace of the industrial revolution" to the home of 8 companies valuated at over $1bn , the North is fast becoming a tech powerhouse. As the report comments, "the Northern tech ecosystem has the potential to be recognised as a Top 5 worldwide technology cluster" able to compete with the likes of Berlin, Paris and Stockholm.

To illustrate the Northern tech universe, GP Bullhound have highlighted the 10 tech sub-sectors best represented in the region, and the 10 most dominant companies within each sector.  Listed alongside Northern giants like Autotrader and Moneysupermarket, ASK4 sit in excellent company within the telecoms group.

Proudly based in the North - with an HQ and 24/7/365 multi-lingual support team firmly rooted in Sheffield - ASK4 partner with clients across the UK and Europe.

Northern Tech Map

The report has also spawned the Northern Tech Map.  The interactive map showcases "technology companies, from early-stage start-ups to late-stage and public companies" and can be used to "search companies by stage of maturity, sector and geography." South Yorkshire is currently home to 37 companies, including ASK4, WANdisco3Squared and Parseq.

Just take a look at what the North has to offer.

10 key sub-sectors of technology that are best represented in the North.
10 key sub-sectors of technology that are best represented in the North.
Jess Culbert