The Student Energy Project

The Student Energy Project is an innovative joint venture between ASK4 and Amber Energy designed to create efficiencies for building owners and institutional accommodation providers. By encouraging students to be more conservative with energy consumption through a point-for-benefits reward programme, the venture is proven to lower running costs associated with student accommodation by constraining excessive use of heat, light and power often found where inclusive rents apply.

Identifying the scheme as a unique is the level of transparency afforded to accommodation owners and students alike. Both parties have access to online profile pages that demonstrate the actual level of consumption via hourly meter monitoring at room, flat, block or building level as applicable. Students therefore see a direct correlation between the energy they save and the rewards they accrue as a consequence, whilst building owners enjoy immediate and valuable savings in overheads.

Fees are applicable to building owners for accessing The Student Energy project, yet the potential savings and additional advice on environmental efficiency far outweigh the direct cost.

For more information about this initiative, please speak to a member of the ASK4 team.