The Year of PRS

2016 is set to be the year when PRS comes of age. Following a fascinating PRS Forum, including presentations from Brandon Lewis MP (Minister for Housing and Planning) and Jennet Siebrits (Head of Residential Research at CBRE) it seems the build-to-rent sector is beginning to take shape, with the demand, ambition and finance to see it dramatically expand. The banks and investment houses have money to lend, there is impetus to build and soon there will be real world examples to help quantify the risk.

Over the last few years there has been lots of talk, planning and preparation but the sector now has multiple developments nearing completion, with a clearly identified target market ready to take up residence. Whether 23-34 year olds want to rent or have to rent may be a bigger socio-economic question, but the fact remains that they need somewhere 'to' rent.

Housing for Tech Natives

As discussed in a panel session featuring Juliette Morgan (Tech City), Ian Jones (Intel Technology UK) and James Scott (The Collective), technology will have a huge part to play in these developments for tech native 23-34 year olds. From instant access WiFi, to a robust network to support the host of smart devices these buildings will surely be filled with, having a market leading ISP to deliver what customers expect is vital. ASK4 look forward to continuing to fill this role.

Take a look at #PRSForum and @PRSForum for more insights from the day's event.

Jess Culbert