Why High-Speed Broadband Matters

The Student Housing Company provide accommodation in cities around the UK and Europe, giving students a comfortable and vibrant place to stay during their university years.

ASK4 have partnered with The Student Housing Company for many years, delivering super-fast broadband to their UK and Spanish sites. In November last year, ASK4 also visited The Student Housing Company’s Depot Point residence in London to mark hitting and then exceeding 100,000 ASK4 student users. Reflecting on the partnership, the team at The Student Housing Company spoke to students about why the provision of super-fast broadband matters so much to them.

Why High-Speed Broadband Is So Important For University Students

from The Student Housing Company

Students' time at university can pass all too quickly and there is more to it than just the studies: it is a whole life experience. But having to put up with a slow or unreliable broadband connection really does kill the fun. No one wants to have to refresh the page constantly or deal with a website that takes 20 minutes just to load the images. We spoke to students about why quality high-speed broadband is an essential part of university.

Assignments Made Simpler

From the initial research process for assignments and the ultimate knowledge of Google, to course-specific online software, high-speed broadband just makes studying easier.

Amanda, a student at the University of Edinburgh, says,

“Broadband is essential for my studies. Without a strong internet connection I would be unable to access coursework, emails, or ebooks for required reading. My university has removed all journals in hard copy too, so most of my research needs to be completed online.”

Of course, the abundance of information in university libraries is a good place to start, but the ability to answer further questions at the click of a mouse is a must.

Plenty Of Playtime

Whether it is catching up with what you've missed on iPlayer, filling your daily adorable quota of YouTube cat videos, or checking your Facebook newsfeed, the buffering symbol and offline page is no one’s friend.

Living in halls or private rented accommodation, often means sharing an internet connection between a group of people, and quarreling over who has used all the bandwidth from downloading a ton of music, or who is causing the internet to crash from their binge-watching session on Netflix can be all too common. That means getting the right internet package is essential. The last thing students want is a dodgy connection, as Sophie explains:

“My halls in first year had such bad WiFi you nearly always had to use the wired connection.”

Tidy Inbox Everyday

With the majority of university systems now being wholly online, it is important for students to be able to access emails, check lecture schedules and submit assignments electronically wherever they are. John, a student at the University of Edinburgh, agrees:

“There was one occasion where the broadband was so slow that my progress on a certain task was slowed down for more than an hour and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to submit it on time,”

We know that super-fast broadband is now a basic requirement for students and our partnership with ASK4 ensures we are delivering just that.

Jess Culbert