Wireless for Big Dogs II

We’re back after a busy week in Rome, attending the Ruckus Big Dogs Conference! Going into the event, the key aim for us was to gain a better understanding of 802.11ac, the products that are coming out and how that fits into our environment. We wanted to begin to gain an insight into “high capacity” WiFi, going beyond what we currently deploy. A lot of the information from Ruckus is still confidential at the moment, however it will allow us to plan our own product roadmap. The event was well attended by resellers, distributors and installers from around EMEA.

We got a good view of the industry as a whole. For example, we saw what the other vendors' roadmaps look like and received an idea of how changes in the industry (like HP's purchase of Aruba) is going to change the landscape.

We were also thrilled to pick up two awards at the conference! ASK4 came out on top for 2014 Northern European Reseller of the year and 2014 EMEA Reseller of the year.

We loved the opportunity to talk to people who are involved some crazy projects around the world, ranging from upcoming World Cup stadiums, International Airports to Primary schools. Hearing about the problems they've faced and how they've overcome them helps us to improve our knowledge of WiFi and how best to deploy our services using it.