Expert Service Provision for the Private Rented Sector

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As home ownership in the UK becomes less affordable, the demand for high quality, fully serviced rental accommodation continues to rise. As the team at City Estates know, technology has a central part to play in PRS developments for digitally native 23-34 year olds.

The Client

City Estates develop and manage multi tenanted buildings in prime locations across the UK.  They have partnered with ASK4 for many years. As City Estates Managing Director, Dale Fixter, explains:

ASK4 MD Jonathan Burrows approached us when the notion of broadband was very still much in its infancy. We knew Jonathan and we were impressed by the proposition and the commitment to carry out a significant installation in a sizeable scheme with the right quality and profile. We have been working with ASK4 ever since.

The Service

Internet connectivity has become increasingly important for tenants and our ability to provide a quality service is essential. Without it our reputation for quality would doubtless slip. With ASK4 at our West One development, we are able to provide an immediate internet connection in all 540 apartments. A must for prospective tenants.
— Dale Fixter, Managing Director, City Estates

From instant access WiFi, to a robust network to support the host of smart devices these buildings are increasingly filled with, having a market leading ISP to deliver what customers expect is vital. This is particularly true in a market where competition and tenant expectations grow year-on-year.

The Partnership

Whether 23-34 year olds want to rent or have to rent may be a bigger socio-economic question, but the fact remains that they need somewhere ‘to’ rent. With growth in the private rented sector an inevitability, a focus on quality – design and infrastructure – is key. As Dale Fixter noted:

Our partnership with ASK4 has enabled us to keep pace with changes in the market and to deliver on tenants’ expectations. With high speeds and 24/7 support, we can be confident we are delivering the type of broadband service tenants expect from the premium property market.
PRS, UKASK4 Limited