Staying Connected with Staytoo

As the purpose-built student accommodation sector continues to develop at pace across Europe, new-to-the-market German provider Staytoo needed an experienced and reliable Internet partner to deliver the very best connectivity services.

The Client

MPC Capital is developing 6 student accommodation properties in Germany as part of their new brand – Staytoo. The properties will contain more than 1,000 modern, furnished apartments across 5 cities. Two of these properties will open for the Winter semester of 2016/17 in Nuremberg (185 apartments) and Bonn (163 apartments). A fellow Class of 2020 partner, Staytoo is committed to raising industry standards.

Staytoo is part of an international community dedicated to achieving higher standards on all fronts within student accommodation. Creating more efficient buildings, and raising the standard of furnishings and community areas, is our vision for modern micro-living for students, young professionals and commuters.
— Marco Lotichius, Head of Marketing and Brand Management, MPC Capital

The Service

ASK4 has been involved since the early stages of construction at Staytoo’s new sites, advising on the most appropriate infrastructure and service packages to deliver the type of high speed, robust Internet experience that students demand. As Marco Lotichius noted:

“We need to offer super-fast internet connectivity everywhere in our properties so students can hang out and watch movies on demand, or stream music without any problems. To achieve this, a fast and reliable internet connection is not a fancy ad-on, it is a compelling necessity.”

The Partnership

As the provision of technical services tends to be quite abstract and impersonal, personal interaction becomes even more important. We have experienced ASK4 as professional team players, with a service and products to match the needs of students’ modern lifestyles.
— Marco Lotichius, Head of Marketing and Brand Management, MPC Capital

With an increasing number of national and international students in Germany and growing competition for small apartments from students and young professionals, finding appropriate accommodation can be even more difficult than finding the right university. With further Staytoo properties scheduled to open in 2017/18 in Kaiserslautern, Leipzig and Berlin, effective working relationships with key partners are crucial.


How important is the ASK4 service to the Staytoo brand?

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