Broadband That Crosses Borders

When The Student Housing Company sought an internet service provider for their residence in Madrid they carried out exhaustive supplier research in Spain. But none could fully appreciate the idiosyncrasies of their student market quite like their UK provider - ASK4.

The Client

The Student Housing Company manages purpose-built student accommodation in the UK and Europe, with sites from London to Edinburgh, Southampton and Liverpool. For their first Spanish site, Galdós Madrid, The Student Housing Company looked to ASK4 to deliver a service that would meet student demands for speed and reliability.

You cannot simply tell a student they will be late handing in work because the WiFi is not working. As our incumbent supplier in the UK, ASK4 were the clear leader when it came to understanding our students’ needs and expectations.
— Christopher Holloway, Director General for The Student Housing Company in Spain

The Service

ASK4 worked alongside The Student Housing Company technical team to design and re-fit a site specific network for Galdós Madrid, delivering on-time, on-budget and even sponsoring the residence football team shirts.

At Galdós we have gone from an unmanaged, ramshackle system, to a fully managed service that has built in redundancy and, therefore, reliability.
— Christopher Holloway

The Partnership

The European partnership continues as The Student Housing Company work on numerous Spanish developments with input from ASK4 before the first bricks are laid. Commenting on the partnership, Christopher Holloway explained:

The ASK4 experience goes beyond the mere provision of internet. It is the level of service, customer care and the willingness to collaborate that makes them really standout. While most suppliers fight it out on cost, ASK4 go further, focussing on value, the student experience and future improvements.

Recently named one of the coolest places to live in the world by Uniplaces, Galdós Madrid is providing its 370 students with a broadband service to match its world class status.

* Case study dated 2015.
* Update - 2017 - The Student Housing Company sites in Spain are now managed by Nexo Residencias and continue to use the ASK4 service.

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