Investment Leads To Success

Liberty Living, a student accommodation provider housing over 23,000 students, invested over £1million in their WiFi networks. The result? Satisfied students and a National Student Housing Survey award for Best Student Broadband.

The Client

Liberty Living have operated in the UK student accommodation sector for 19 years and can be found in 19 cities. They are well aware of what it takes to meet the demands of today’s student.

Student expectations have increased in line with the number of internet connected devices they own. Arriving at their accommodation with tablets, smart phones, iPods, Kindles, Raspberry Pi’s and games consoles, students are looking for better WiFi provision than they get at home.
— Grant Robertson, Liberty Living, Head of IT

The Goal

Partnering with ASK4, Liberty Living moved ahead with considerable work to their infrastructure over a five-month period. The goal was to deliver a fast, reliable Wi-Fi service that enabled students to operate Wi-Fi only (and wired) devices without interruption from any part of the building.

The Solution

ASK4 undertook careful capacity planning and design for each accommodation building, and carried out the installation of nearly 3000 cable runs and 3000 access points across 46 sites. This included the use of ‘Best in Class’ Ruckus Access Points, and highly sophisticated software to map building layout and composition to engineer out channel interference.

The Results

Following a National Student Housing Survey award win, Liberty Living applauded ASK4:

Winning the award for Best Student Broadband speaks volumes for our work with ASK4. It tells us we are getting our internet strategy and choice of networking partner right. It also gives us confidence for the future, knowing that we can expand operationally and commercially without worrying about any extra demand on the network.
— John Kenny, Liberty Living COO (2015)

* Case study dated 2015

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