Service delivery

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ASK4 services are delivered via our own high capacity, highly available, optical network.

The ASK4 service is delivered using the latest, ‘best in class’ infrastructure and technical expertise to provide seamless, robust connectivity solutions throughout multi-tenant buildings. We have also invested heavily in our network to ensure that it meets the needs of users both today and in the future. We are a tier-2 ISP and operate the UK’s fastest multi-tenant residential network with core points of presence (PoPs) in Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, London, Reading, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester, our own Data Centre and an edge network connecting forty cities.

We own and operate our own tier-3 Data Centre facility in Sheffield. Our core PoPs are interconnected using diversely routed dark-fibre, which gives us both capacity and redundancy and the ability to increase capacity as needed. Today the core network is lit at 100Gb/s and we have 5 wavelengths of contracted additional capacity, giving us significant capacity for future growth. Our edge network also makes extensive use of dark fibre, making ASK4 connected buildings the best-connected multi-tenant accommodation in the country. Our network connects to the wider Internet via multiple independent transit connections in London and Manchester and via settlement-free peering with other networks.

ASK4 service users therefore gain access to our own high-capacity, highly available optical network, optimised for their unique requirements, including content caches from leading content providers (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV) to ensure the very best possible viewing experience all of the time.

The ASK4 network includes connections with all 4 key internet exchange points in the UK – LINXLONAPIX Manchester and IX Leeds.