Private residential developments


The only Internet Service Provider to deliver a true-home user experience in multi-tenant buildings.

ASK4 partner with multi-tenant private accommodation developers to deliver and maintain building-specific broadband and WiFi solutions capable of supporting high density usage and demanding applications from any part of the building.

ASK4 are also the only Internet Service Provide to deliver a true-home user experience in multi-tenant buildings, meaning your tenants can access their own secure wired and WiFi networks over shared infrastructure. That means high capacity, reliable, broadband and WiFi for your building PLUS personal, private and secure networks for your tenants…just like they get at home.




ASK4 Broadband packages are simple and straightforward.

Offering speeds up to 100Mb/s (depending on location), no download limits and no need for a BT landline, connecting to the ASK4 service takes just a few clicks.

Tenants need only:

  • plug an Ethernet cable or WiFi access point into the ASK4 broadband connection point
  • turn on the computer / laptop
  • choose a package
  • connect

ASK4 also deliver unrivalled, award-winning customer service with a 24/7/365 technical support helpdesk staffed around the clock at our UK HQ.

In an increasingly competitive sector, positive tenant experiences across all managed services will be the differentiating factor between one PRS development and another.


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Chris Ellis

Chris Ellis
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Having an internet connection available immediately in all 540 apartments is essential for prospective tenants. With ASK4’s high speeds and 24/7 support, we can be confident we are delivering the type of broadband service tenants expect from the premium property market.
— Dale Fixter, COO, City Estates
ASK4’s Internet services allow our tenants to access a high speed connection immediately with no need for a telephone line, usage limits and no contract – perfect for short term tenancies. This type of flexible, fast and reliable Internet service is ideal for renters.
— Nick Massingham, Development Manager, 20:20 House, Leeds