About Eduroam

Eduroam is a hugely popular worldwide network access service which is implemented on a federated basis. Participating organisations, using their existing infrastructures, connect to national NREN-operated RADIUS systems and overlay Eduroam network services, which adhere to comprehensive technical standards.

The animation ‘What Is Eduroam?‘, created by AARNet (the Australian research and education network), designed especially for end users, serves as an excellent introduction to what Eduroam means to the end user and the benefits it provides.

Essentially, Eduroam provides the user with authenticated network logon and access to the Internet through a single Wi-Fi profile and set of credentials, wherever the service has been made available by participating organisations. Connection can be seamless and automatic. Wired connections can be supported too.

By eduroam-enabling the network, organisations can provide guest network access services to visitors without the need for guest account management, saving time and cost for both the organisation and the visitor. Eduroam is increasingly seen as a ‘must have’ and results in the organisation becoming increasingly attractive for academic collaboration and co-operation, research, conferences and more informal visits.

Services Offered

We currently only offer the visitor-only service over our wireless network, the service is currently available at the following locations:


Other Useful Information

We are unable to offer support for the Eduroam service through our support service. Please contact either your home network IT department or the IT department of the institution you are visiting.

A list of Janet Eduroam participating organisations and site locations can be found here.