ASK4 aims to meet the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Our environmental responsibility falls under two categories: compliance and proactiveness. 

Compliance refers to ASK4’s commitment and willingness to observe legislative, industry led best practice and community environmental values. 

Proactiveness refers to the additional measures we take, both internally through the processes and policies that govern how we deliver our service, and how we work with our partners and clients to deliver services to our customers. 

ASK4 will comply and adhere to internal policies and procedures that ensure all its business operations are legitimate and consider environmental impact. We will ensure that our partnerships and collaborations are open and transparent, we will always conduct business with integrity and respect for the environment, and we will assess our impact across all the territories where we operate. 

Consumable Waste – we will always follow best practices and legislative frameworks (in this instance, The Waste Electrical and Electronic Regulations 2013) when disposing of our consumable waste from our customer locations, headquarters, and wider territories. We will aim to work with partners who demonstrate that they are environmentally considerate in their approach to the disposal of consumable and corporate waste.  

This will also include undertaking regular reviews of our printing and photocopying requirements across the business and looking at ways to reduce numbers through alternative solutions (use of electronic copies of traditionally printed document, recycled paper, and reducing use of colour ink on printing and photocopying etc). 

ASK4 will ensure that we are working with partners and suppliers in helping us achieve consumable waste reductions.

Recycling – where there is use of materials with either waste, excess equipment or left-over product, we will recycle as extensively as possible. We work with partners who can deliver new and innovative solutions to reduce non-recyclable products. ASK4 HQ ensures that waste, consumed products, plastics, glass, and anything else that can be recycled, will be. ASK4 partners with leading waste management suppliers to ensure that we are as proactive in this area as possible.

Procurement & Supply Chain – ASK4 understands that its social responsibility extends to its supply chain as well as our internal culture and behaviour. To this end we work with partners who have been chosen not just for the right product or service capability but also for the right working practices. As part of our supplier onboarding and auditing, we review the ethical, sustainability and environmental statements of our intended partners to ensure that they uphold our core values.

Transport and logistics – ASK4 follow best practices and guidelines when transporting and shipping equipment and stock and ensure that that we are working with logistics suppliers who have demonstrable environmental credentials. Where feasible, we ensure that equipment and stock are not transported beyond what is necessary to deliver ASK4 products and services.

Fleet – ASK4 will ensure that we are looking at vehicles that are environmentally conscious.  To that end, where possible, we will look at Electric and Hybrid vehicles as a preference. ASK4 will also review our vehicles across the business when it is appropriate.

Health and Safety – ASK4 ensures that we do not risk the health and safety of our employees, partners, clients, or customers. We ensure that there is complete adherence to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. We also ensure that we cooperate with any regulatory bodies, such as the HSE. ASK4 will not knowingly undertake activity or work which may compromise this position. 

Recruitment – ASK4 will work with our recruitment partners and suppliers to ensure that our recruitment approach has an embedded green credential. We will always look to utilise technology such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Email as a first preference when interviewing candidates outside of the Sheffield area. ASK4 will encourage travel by rail when necessary, to visit the Sheffield headquarters and in instances where there is no alternative to using Air Travel, the most direct route will be booked. Any Air Travel will always be by a scheduled commercial flight.

International Requirements – ASK4 works with official partners and advisors to ensure that all our environmental obligations are being met throughout international territories. We ensure that we work with local experts, partners and third parties in the UK and internationally to support the individual environmental complexities of each territory.