An intelligent network
An intelligent network from ASK4 sits at the heart of your building and the daily living and working experiences of residents and teams.

It is the foundation for truly smart buildings, and it underpins a host of building management technologies designed to improve operational performance, drive ESG targets and enhance resident wellbeing.  

What makes our network so smart?

We don’t just connect your building to the Internet. We bring it to life.

Specialist advice

Specialist advice

You gain specialist advice during planning, design, construction or retrofit phases.

Bespoke design

Bespoke design

Your network is tailored to your building’s construction type and is expertly mapped to ensure everyone enjoys an exceptional wireless experience.

Home experience

Home experience

Residents enjoy their own private and secure wireless networks – powered by technology unique to ASK4.

24:7 support

24/7 support

Your service is backed by robust service level agreements - if someone is having an issue, we will fix it.


Enable IoT

Your network will deliver and enable technologies that drive ESG performance - supporting sustainability, resident retention and community engagement.

Future proof


Your assets will be future-proofed as we test and roll out new technologies that reflect the latest standards, hardware and use cases.

Personal wireless networks
Residents in multi-tenant buildings need and expect access to wireless networks that enable their smart devices to communicate over WiFi in a private and secure way - just like they do in a traditional home setting.

ASK4’s 'home-grown' 4Network technology enables us to deliver a fast, reliable wireless service for a whole building and its outside spaces, plus private and secure personal wireless networks for individual residents. 

Enabling your smart building
Smart building technologies and building management systems rely on robust connectivity to function.

ASK4’s Open Service Network provides the connectivity on which your building can run a host of integrated smart technologies powered by your chosen IoT providers, including access and security, energy and water management, lighting and entertainment systems. ASK4’s Open Service Network also seamlessly supports the integration of Utopi ESG Technology.