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Designed for the multi-tenant sector
ASK4's solution is specifically designed for multi-tenant buildings with valuable data and insights that benefit investors, operators and residents.

Our partnership with Utopi means that we are the exclusive distributor of Utopi's ESG technology and SaaS platform into the student housing sector across the UK and Europe.

Delivering measurable outcomes
Smart building reduce esg

Improve ESG performance

Gain greater access to Green Funding, access granular, real-time, automated insights for industry benchmarks such as GRESB and asset level certifications, set targets and monitor performance across your portfolio.

Smart building reduce energy

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce waste in communal/amenity spaces and residential units and introduce a fair usage policy or move to an absolute billing model.

Smart building reduce rental

Enhance operational efficiency

Maintain or increase rents with technology that supports the certification of ‘healthy’ buildings (e.g. Fitwel), improve resident retention and automate building management processes.

Making the most of your data
ASK4 works with you to train your team, engage your residents and ensure you maximize the value of your data.

Focussing on the most important and relevant objectives, we will provide you with the data you need to achieve your goals, as well as helping you develop new targets and strategies as you understand exactly what is happening in your assets.

The data you are provided with is packed with insights and ASK4 will help you to understand the patterns and outliers, assist in resident engagement and drive changes that will improve the performance of your buildings.

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Steps to success

ASK4 will be with you every step of the way to ensure you and your team have the best possible understanding and capability to manage your data, and derive the most useful information for all key stakeholders.

Value design
Help to identify the key success criteria for investors, operators and residents.
Schedule and carry out installation of multi-sensors and smart metering - at any point in a building’s life cycle.
Deliver SaaS platform training for necessary members of your team, as well as setting up initial reporting and alert functions.
Development of a resident engagement plan, and consultancy on API integration with existing building app and software, or the roll out of an app via a recommended third party.
Full ongoing support for all Utopi hardware, SaaS platform and API integrations.
Active customer success management to ensure target outcomes and KPIs are met.
Sustainability is on the agenda for operators of multi-tenant buildings in a way that we have never seen before.
This is not just driven by a desire to decrease costs in the context of escalating utility tariffs. It also reflects the increasing priority investors, operators and consumers are placing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues on the path to net zero. The specification of Utopi multi-sensors and sub metering into multi-tenant buildings, over an intelligent network from ASK4, unlocks significant benefits and opportunities for stakeholders looking to transform their ESG performance, with measurable ROI.
"We strive to implement pioneering technologies...and we are proud to be amongst the earliest adopters of Utopi’s ground-breaking approach to sustainability."
Bashir Paul
Paul Bashir
CEO, Harrison Street, Europe