Service Information - Internet Services - Residential User 

Information Response
Contact details  You can call, text, email or fill in the webform available here:   
Description of the services offered, including the main characteristics of each service provided  Where you live in a managed multi-tenant building, we provide fast, pervasive wireless, and in most cases wired, Internet connections specifically designed for multi-tenant buildings. 
In some non-managed multi-tenant buildings, we will provide a fast “always on” wired Internet connection for you to connect your own devices to. 
Our services are “always on” in the buildings we supply, meaning that installation is quick and easy, connecting you as soon as sign-up is completed. 
Speeds, device limits and other services will depend on the building you live in, and the package you have subscribed to. 
Tariffs   Charges will depend on the building you live in and the package you have subscribed to. 
Maintenance and customer assistance services offered  We provide assistance via telephone, email, text message or by other means we may determine to enable access to our services. We may, at our discretion, provide support engineers to assist you at your residence, but we are not required to do so.  
We can only provide support in getting your compatible devices connected to the Internet or working with other services we provide. We cannot provide support for software installed on your device, use of the Internet generally. 
The standard contract conditions offered, including contract duration, any Early Termination Charges  Our User Agreements are available here:  
Information on access to Emergency Organisations and Caller Location Information  Our service relies on power being provided to the rooms within your residence where we have active equipment (often called a “comms” or server room).  
This means in some cases where the power issue is localized, our service will continue to work even if you have no power in your apartment or room.  
However, in limited cases, you may not have service where power is available to your room but not the “comms” or server rooms in your accommodation. If making calls or accessing the Internet is critical to you during a power cut, please make sure you have access to an alternative battery powered technology, such as a mobile phone. 
Details of products and services, including any functions, practices, policies and procedures and alterations in the operation of the service, specifically designed for End Users with disabilities, in accordance with European Union law harmonising accessibility requirements for products and services  We are committed to making accessibility a core consideration throughout our customers’ journey – from initial signup to ongoing support. Information on how we do this is available here: 
Applicable dispute resolution mechanisms 

If you are not satisfied with the service received, you are invited to submit a complaint.

Please include the following information in the Complaint Details section:

  • A summary of the complaint
  • Any supporting evidence you wish to provide. The more information you provide the better. Examples of the kind of information you should provide include:
  • any ticket or issue references that we have used
  • the names of ASK4 staff that you have spoken to about this issue
  • dates and times
  • any phone numbers you may have called us from – so that we can check phone logs
  • any emails you may have sent us 


If your issue relates to your personal data and the way we have handled it, you have the right to raise the issue with the Information Commissioner’s Office here.

Complaints can only be accepted via the online form and letter, not over the phone. 

Our policy is that: 

  • you will receive an initial response confirming receipt of the complaint within 24 hours of the email or letter arriving. 
  • you will receive an update on the progress of the investigation into your complaint within 3 working days of the confirmation. 
  • you will receive a formal response within 7 working days of receiving the first update. 
  • if you are not happy with the response that you receive, you have the right to escalate the matter or appeal against any decision that has been made. 
  • as a final point of arbitration, we are registered with the Ombudsman Services: Communications (OS:C) and will abide by any decision that they make. OS:C can be found here
Any compensation and/or refund policies, including specific details of any compensation and/or refund schemes offered

Compensation will be offered in accordance with the terms of our User Agreement on a case-by-case base as we recognize that when things go wrong the correct amount of compensation varies from issue to issue.