Information Managed Internet Service for multi-tenant buildings provided to investors, building owners or operators
Contact details  You can contact your Account Director, for contract and commercial matters, or your Client Service Manager for service issues.  
You can find contact details of our Client Service team at  
The business development team can be reached by using the form at or emailing
Description of the services offered, including the main characteristics of each service provided  We install all the equipment and connective to provide your residents and on-site teams with pre-installed, fast, pervasive wireless Internet, specifically designed for multi-tenant buildings. 
A full description of our services will be provided in your bespoke proposal, service requirements document and managed service agreement.  
Tariffs   We tailor our services to you and your residents’ needs and provide bespoke pricing based on those needs. 
Maintenance and customer assistance services offered  We provide comprehensive service levels in respect of response and resolution times as detailed in our service level agreements:  
UK –  
EU –  
Hard copies are available on request to
The standard contract conditions offered, including contract duration, any Early Termination Charges  Our terms and conditions depend on the commercial structure of the deal proposed and the service taken, copies can be provided on request via email at  
We will charge a fee if your contract ends early. How much we charge depends on how long your contract has left to run and if your contract is transferred to a subsequent owner or operator of the building
Information on access to Emergency Organisations and Caller Location Information  If we provide a voice service, it may be used to connect to emergency services by dialling 999. The connection may not be to the emergency services centre closest to you and the service should not be relied on as the only means of calling emergency services. This is because the functionality of the service depends on the availability of power, the Internet connection, and other factors outside of our control. 
It is your responsibility to provide power to our equipment within your building
Details of products and services, including any functions, practices, policies and procedures and alterations in the operation of the service, specifically designed for End Users with disabilities, in accordance with European Union law harmonising accessibility requirements for products and services  We will ensure the services are accessible for your team members with disabilities in the same way that we cater for residents with accessibility requirements
Applicable dispute resolution mechanisms  Complaints will be handled in accordance with the dispute resolution processes as agreed in our managed service agreement
Any compensation and/or refund policies, including specific details of any compensation and/or refund schemes offered We provide service credits for issues in accordance with the service level agreements referenced above