Data & the student experience


We live in the age of data.

Each one of us generates many thousands of new data points every day through our every interaction with digital systems – when we visit a website, every time we use a credit card, every time we get in the car or walk down the street, we generate more data.

This vast sea of data provides numerous opportunities for organisations of all types to drive improvement – both for their own benefit and for the benefit of their customers and other stakeholders.

There are plenty of examples of how “big data” analytics and machine learning are being applied to improve the student experience on campus but there is little information around the application of data to improve the off-campus experience and wellbeing of students living in student accommodation.

While it is true that the collection of personal data on students presents a unique set of challenges, it also presents significant opportunities.

This report will explore how data could be used in the context of student accommodation and how students themselves feel about sharing their data, before outlining what student accommodation providers need to consider when assessing these possibilities. It presents insights from other industries along with compelling findings from our own research into student perceptions in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain and how they can differ dramatically.



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