Tech & Student Loneliness

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Technology has changed the way we connect with each other and has given students the opportunity to interact in new and exciting ways. 

Yet, despite being more connected and communicating more than ever, a growing number of university students are reporting feelings of isolation and loneliness. This paper explores how technology, that is smartphones and other Internet connected devices, services or apps (where the majority of interaction takes place online), can impact positively or negatively on this issue.

The scope of the paper is international and examines the issue in several key markets; the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Germany. 

As part of this project, we sought the views of our colleagues at Student MindsNightline, the University Mental Health Advisors Network (UMHAN) and the Big White Wall. We hope the paper will contribute to the ongoing conversation around student loneliness and the role that technology plays, sparking collaborative efforts to develop innovative solutions.


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Following the release of the Well Connected report, we spoke to students themselves about their views on loneliness at university, and if they think technology is useful tool or part of the problem. Watch what they said below.