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John Gaunt & Partners are a Sheffield based law firm specialising in licensing, gambling and regulatory matters. Following a recommendation from one of their own clients, ASK4 Solutions were chosen to step in and help with an ongoing IT project, replacing their entire IT infrastructure from the ground up.  

John Gaunt & Partners were relying on an ageing IT system which caused several failures in servers and serious downtime over the years. We worked hard to ensure the new system put in place would be fully efficient to allow people to work without any disruption. We were also working on over-writing a previous IT solution which had been put in place with little documentation and knowledge on its system which meant there was a lot of work that had to be completed from the offset.   

As John Gaunt & Partners required several servers and systems to be migrated into a smaller arrangement, we had to completely overhaul the network and make necessary repairs to the hardware.  ASK4 Solutions provided a new secure, reliable and resilient system by installing back-up systems throughout the network, upgrading the phone networks, as well as saving the company money by consolidating hardware and making upgrades where needed. 

Due to the nature of the business at John Gaunt & Partners, it was especially important we took the right steps to ensure the network was robust, secure and accessible to protect the sensitive information they stored. Through the upgrading of back-up systems and moving the whole team to the cloud, ASK4 Solutions modernised the entire IT infrastructure allowing the company to become more compliant with privacy and security regulations.  

Not only was it important for John Gaunt & Partners systems to be secure and in line with security compliance, but they also needed a fully accessible and reliable IT team at hand. ASK4 Solutions were brought in to operate the entire IT department from end-to-end, as well as to provide long term consultancy & IT support.  

We continue to support John Gaunt & Partners with their ongoing IT requirements, further providing regular site visits and holding regular discussions on the latest operating systems, products and services. By providing a bespoke solution the whole system is now flexible, reliable and resilient – as well as fully backed up. 

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