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Video gaming helped many people through the pandemic, but for students, the benefits stretched far beyond keeping them entertained.

The Gaming for Good report analyses the gaming habits of university students in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain to help us understand the challenges that faced students during the COVID-19 pandemic and the role gaming has played in their lives in that time. The report also explores what gaming research tells us about these issues more broadly and looks at some of the innovative ways that gaming and gaming technology is being used around the world.

Gaming provided more than just an escape from the stresses and tedium of lockdown life.

Gaming helped students to stay connected with friends and family, provided comfort in difficult times, and helped them to stay sharp, focused and develop real world skills.

ASK4’s report dispels some of the myths around gaming and shows that not only has it been an important pastime for students during many months of restrictions, but it will continue to be a crucial tool for self-care and development long into the future.


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