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The students of 2022 video series explores the attitudes of prospective students amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

While supporting all our partners and clients preparing to welcome students this Autumn, ASK4 were also looking forward and listening to the intake of 2021 and 2022 to learn more about how their expectations of student accommodation may change after COVID-19. Working with research partners Red Brick Research, we surveyed a number of students and prospective students aged 17-20 across the UK and Europe to find out how they feel about attending University and moving into student accommodation following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants in the survey were asked questions around six key themes; Independence, Discovery, Living, Immersion, Collaboration and Exploration. This allowed us to delve into different aspects of the University experience, find out how each would be affected post-pandemic, and learn how the sector is likely to be affected by students’ decisions.

Watch The Students of 2022 video series below…








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About the research

All statistics are taken from a survey conducted for ASK4 by Red Brick Research in the Autumn of 2020. The survey was completed by 585 respondents aged between 17-20. Just over 100 respondents each were surveyed in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Poland, and just over 50 in Ireland. The video series contains verbatim comments from respondents gathered in follow up interviews. These comments are voiced by actors. We will also be returning to these students next year to see if their attitudes remain the same as the COVID-19 story unfolds.

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